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welcoming the light 2/10/22

Updated: May 17, 2023

The weather in Sacramento still has cold mornings, but I can feel the slight shift in my bones. The extra light at the end of the day, the arrival of the sun just a little bit earlier in the morning, these are subtle messages that change is on the way.

Spring cleaning is a thing. I am definitely in a place where some deep cleaning feels like the way to go. Caring for window coverings and cleaning the windows are tasks that help welcome the light. My yard is also calling for me. I look forward to seeing the result of the bulbs that I forgot I planted.

Small changes that are happening in the Urban Nest include switching of throw pillows and lap blankets. Maybe a switch of an area rug (so what, I have seasonal rugs, don't you?). I love changing my bedding as the seasons shift. We aren't quite ready to lose the flannel sheets but it's coming. As I am writing this I realize I have seasonal/holiday everything! Bedding, dishes, rugs and throw pillows. I love the freshness that results from these small swaps.

If you have been watching our Mollie Minutes on TickToc, then you also know there is paint happening at the Urban Nest. Both the front and back doors are getting updated with a fresh coat of new color, and the hall bathroom is on deck to be finished. I also have two small projects; a fresh makeover of my design studio and finishing up our outdoor kitchen. I hope you follow along with our little home projects as we squeeze them in between our clients' larger endeavors!

I hope the shift of seasons warms your heart, body and home. So buy the pillow, switch out your bedding, and tend to your yard. Sit quietly as the sun rises; still bundled up, but enjoying the sun a little earlier along with a warm cup of coffee. It can be a slow uncurling to the sun like the trees and plants that are unfolding their leaves.

From our Urban Nest to yours, may the season of light, growth, and warmth shine bright on you


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