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Tiny Space Big Reward

You're sipping your morning coffee looking out the back window into the yard and thinking to yourself “I have a good amount of unused space back here”. Let's make that a profitable space by building an Accessory Dwelling Unit. (ADU)

ADUs are becoming a big trend, especially in California, where you can even receive grants for funding. ADUs can also be used for long term rentals, or in-law quarters. One of the tiny homes Flax + Stone has designed is currently listed as a Airbnb and becoming quite profitable. This blog will focus on the way to maximize your ADU for the purpose of an Airbnb or short term rentals.

Tips for your ADU

  • Research - Contact your local city or county building department to see if there are any financial incentives being offered to offset ADU construction costs.

  • Capacity - Determine how many guests you would like the dwelling to have at any given time. This information is important especially if you plan to list it on a travel site. The square footage will correlate directly to how many guests are allowed to stay at a time.

  • Accessibility - If possible it is preferred to include a private access to the ADU. Whether that be a side gate or just a separate entry point other than the main house. Another bonus feature is a parking space. If you have free street parking that will always work, but let's say you're in an area with limited access to parking, it may be nice to add a small parking spot/driveway specifically for your ADU.

  • Privacy - Consider if you want to have a fence dividing your ADU from your main house. A fence is a good way to go if you do not want to have any shared space (i.e. patio, lawn, ect.) with potential guests.

  • Design - Because ADUs are small, there are a couple of design tricks to help make the space feel bigger.

    • Tall ceilings will make the space seem larger.

    • Large windows will also make the space feel bigger and will bring in additional layers of light

    • As ADUS are basically “tiny homes”, storage is an important concern. Try to lean towards space saving designs. Researching “tiny house design” is a great way to start.

ADUs have a lot of potential not only for hosting friends & family but also in bringing in extra income for the home. When you're ready to start your ADU journey, Flax+Stone is here to help!

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