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Mollie Remodel 101

Here's to all the home renovations you dream of, all the DIY projects that you may have started, and a love letter to all the Pinterest Boards that have been created in the name of all things home. Now you have decided to make your dreams a reality and are ready to embark on transforming your humble abode into a space that's uniquely you. We're about to kick things off with a bang and infuse the entire process with a fun, lighthearted, yet organized and thoughtful process.

1. Oh, the grand entrance to your home remodel extravaganza! Before diving into the nitty-gritty, let's set the stage. First things first, make a budget and add 15% for surprises. You should be making two lists: must-haves and wish lists. It is really important to know your budget and have your funds available before the project starts. It will help us design your most amazing space!

Dream Big and Pinterest Like Crazy:

2. Now, let your imagination run wild! It's time to gather inspiration and create your dream home remodel vision. Inspiration can be found anywhere, like your favorite restaurant, a hotel you've visited, a magazine, or the ever-useful Pinterest where the magic happens. Dive into the wonderful world of home décor boards, creating a collection of ideas that make your heart skip a beat. Feel free to "ooh" and "ahh" at every stunning room you stumble upon. As mentioned above, you will want to make two lists—one your dream wish list and two your must-haves. We will then help you understand what fits within your budget.

The Quest for the Perfect Team:

3. It's time to assemble your dream team—a crew of skilled professionals who will make your remodel dreams come true. Many of our clients don't know what the dream team looks like. For us, it is a design team that can project manage and has preferred General Contractors (known as GCs) with whom they have worked and can attest to their workmanship, cleanliness, timeliness, and professionalism.

Pop the Bubbly for Permit Success:

4. Ah, the thrilling world of permits and approvals. Celebrate each small victory with a bottle of bubbly (or sparkling water if you prefer). When that elusive permit finally arrives, it's time to raise your glass, toast to your triumphs, and let the excitement bubble over!

Let the Swatches and Paint Brushes Party:

5. Now, it's time for some serious fun with colors, patterns, and textures! Dive into a sea of fabric swatches, paint samples, and wallpaper patterns. Embrace the mix-and-match game—let the zebra print pillows mingle with the floral wallpaper, find your clean lines, or the happy place somewhere in between. The key here is to let your creativity fly high. Remember, it's your home, and it should reflect your unique personality.

Transform Chaos into Organized Bliss:

6. As the remodeling work begins, chaos may ensue. But fear not, we are armed with organizational superpowers! organized bliss. Mark boxes, drawers, and containers with

Cheers to making your house or room feel like your favorite place to be! FAS will be with you every step of the way!

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