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When I saw Flax + Stone on Instagram I knew instantly they were the right team for me. The aesthetic of the
projects they were highlighted and the tone they conveyed were exactly what I was looking for. When I had a chance
to meet with Mollie and discuss our projects, she did the one thing I appreciated most which was to seek to
understand before being understood. She listened to everything I had to say and asked so many questions before
coming in with ideas. She was also so good at helping me push through my own self-inflicted boundaries on the
space, showing me the areas for the opportunity that we had never considered before.

Jamie Von Sossen


After working with Mollie on our home project, I knew that they would be the perfect fit for our office space. We were
planning to come back into the office after the pandemic and I needed the space to look different than before we left.
We took our space from holding 15 people to having 7 working spaces for folks plus a few meeting rooms as working
rooms when folks wanted to pop in. We are an advertising agency so we needed a lot of flow and a space for
creativity and conversation to happen. They used a majority of the furniture we already had, but helped us re-think
the space could be used. We essentially turned it into a bunch of little living rooms so people could feel like they were
working from home, at the office.

3 Fold Business


We were looking for a local company that is familiar with the community we live in. I saw
the article on Flax and Stone in East Sac’s “Inside Sacramento” several years ago. I
saved the copy for “just-in-case we would remodel” because I loved the feel of their
remodel in the article. Once we decided it was time for us to remodel our home, we
contacted them. We wanted a design that expressed us and how we live. Mollie is very
easy to work with. She provided us with several options for what could be done to our
home. The process of giving us our vision, to reviewing drafted plans, demo, picking out
materials, and construction was a pretty painless process. One of the favorite things in
our home remodel was the master bathroom, particularly the shower—we love the rock
tile wall.

Jill & Scott

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