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You have a vision, or maybe several different visions. We work together to make it  cohesive, achievable and most important, a beautiful space. Whether you need a "room refresh" with paint and accessories, or are tearing down walls and creating new space, we can help you get there.


Need help getting plans and permits? Ready for bids and construction schedules? This is where we can help you get organized and make sure that you have checked all the boxes before your project begins.


We provide a team of project managers to oversee the job schedule as well as our vetted work teams. We problem solve when challenges arise, ensure payouts are accurate, keep you informed about inspections and manage the job site to ensure it is clean, secure and organized.  

hello there! 

Flax & Stone Design believes in a beautifully set table and the space that surrounds it. 


Founder and principal designer, Mollie Lyon draws from her background in merchandising, event planning, and personal styling to envision and realize your perfect space. She believes that a home should feel lived in and reflect the people it houses. She brings meticulous attention to detail, a creative heart, and a single mom’s organizational capacity to her design projects. Mollie is a problem solver and a team builder. From the draftsperson to the general contractor, she will ensure your project runs smoothly from beginning to end.


Mollie is the friend who will invite you over for a fancy dinner in her most comfortable sweats. She invites you to reconsider your definition of comfort and how beauty and joy pair with it. 

When you‘re ready to explore a project from curating a collection of objects, adding pops of color to a neutral space, adding on to your existing space, or designing and building an ADU, reach out to Mollie and start dreaming together.


"What is perfection anyway? It's the death of creativity."

~Diane Keaton

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